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The Total Life Changes Class Action complaint has been brought on behalf of representative client Ricardo Santiago acting on behalf of himself and all other members of the class for damages and equitable relief against Total Life Changes. 

Total Life Changes is a MLM company which produces hemp-based and marijuana-based products. Specifically, they produced Iaso Instant Tea or ITI BSH Tea, a hemp-extract tea which was purported to contain 0.0% THC. Each tea package warranted that the tea had been lab-tested to ensure that it contained no THC whatsoever. 

This labeling was misleading. Mr. Santiago learned this because he was a parolee in the State of New Jersey who risked prison time if he ingested any THC products and tested positive for THC. Unbeknownst to him the product was mislabeled and he failed the drug test. 

Mr. Santiago was able to take the tea to an independent laboratory with the blessings of his parole officer and it was proven that the tea contained 700 ppm of THC. 

A second lab test found 800 ppm in the tea. It is quite clear that had the company tested the product as warranted on their packaging they would have easily found that their product did indeed contain THC. 

The members of the class are anybody who purchased the tea. Each plaintiff has been damaged because they did not receive the product they paid for, and as a result unknowingly, in many cases, risked the loss their livelihood or even their freedom. 

The upcoming class action suit seeks to return damages including, but not limited to, a refund of the purchase price, as well as attorneys fees and costs. The members of the class are also entitled to compensatory, incidental, and consequential damages.

As CBD, hemp-based, and marijuana products continue to flood the market it is very important for consumers to remain aware that package labeling may be misleading and to take this fact into account when making decisions about whether to purchase or consume certain products. 

In fact, according to Food Business News, a preliminary study by the FDA found many products containing CBD are mislabeled. Some studies have found the number of mislabeled products to be as high as 70%. It is getting more and more common for people to pick up products at normal stores only to find out they have been misled after taking a drug test, at a time when their lives may be significantly harmed after failing such a test. 

If you have found yourself in a similar situation you may be in a position to launch a personal injury or class action suit of your own. Reach out to Scott Richman Law today to find out what your options are.



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