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Construction Lawyer in York city

If you own a construction firm or are a building contractor in the five boroughs, you may need an New York City construction lawyer. A commercial building is a complicated and involved process that requires hundreds of working hours and comprehensive knowledge of the regulations for each project. Construction sites carry the risk of disputes and accidents every day, and when these conflicts or accidents happen, business stops.

As a construction company owner, you need to understand the multitude of laws that govern the land before you even break ground at the construction law practice site. That includes knowing the materials you work with and the people involved in your project. You have to deal with government entities, private businesses, and individuals associated with the city, state, and federal laws and codes that apply to your job.

Understanding NYC construction laws can be a confusing, arduous process, with many loopholes and stumbling blocks. With everything riding on this understanding, you cannot afford to miss a step.

What is New York Construction Law?

Construction law practice is the term for all matters and legal issues related to a building project. In brief, it encompasses:

• Commercial & residential law
• Planning, Building Code, and Permits
• Property laws, including liens, and environmental issues
• Contracts and dispute resolution
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance
• Employment laws, including immigration and labor laws
• Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury
• Tort litigation and defense

Legal Considerations Law

In layman’s terms, construction law practice includes the legal considerations of every entity involved in a building project. Construction law dictates the rights and responsibilities of the landowner, architects, engineers, material suppliers, insurance companies, contractors, and anyone even tangentially involved.

Construction law practice is inextricably woven through every building project from the first step to the last. That is why you need expert, experienced help in the form of a construction law practice.

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What does a Construction Attorney Do?

An attorney must be well-versed in many areas of law to be a construction lawyer. They must be able to:

• Assist in the land purchases
• Help to secure funding
• Draft requests for bids and proposals
• Negotiate, write, and review several types of contracts
• Participate in inspection preparation and insurance documentation
• Prepare and file forms for permits and regulatory requirements
• Represent their client in any arbitration or dispute

The guidance of skilled New York City construction attorneys can prevent legal problems from occurring in the first place, and help your project run more smoothly. That’s why, when you need construction lawyers in New York City, you need someone with broad experience in each of these areas.

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