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Construction Job Site Violations Lawyer in New York City

When you hire a construction contractor for your New York construction site, you want to know they’ll do the job right. That means using proper protection and completing all duties outlined in the contract.

However, sometimes the construction company fails to follow job site safety rules, which can lead to injury or death. In these situations, you need an New York City construction job site violation lawyer to protect your assets and represent your case.

What are Construction Safety Violations?

Construction sites have a set of rules and guidelines determined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for contractors to follow while on the job. These guidelines let workers know how to stay safe on the job site. They also require construction companies to provide their workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize harm from potential hazards.

Construction violations happen when workers fail to utilize the PPE provided by their employer, or when the employer fails to provide proper PPE. When workers don’t have or don’t use PPE, the risk of workplace injury increases.

Construction Job Site Hazards & Workplace Safety Violations

Construction is one of the most hazardous professions in the United States. According to OSHA, 21.1% of workplace fatalities happened in construction in 2018.

While not all injuries result in death, many result in severe injuries that can lead to lawsuits. Protective equipment and safety practices are designed to minimize construction work site violations. These practices protect both the employee and employer in the event of construction violations.

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Types of Construction Safety Violations

Construction violations aren’t as simple as not using PPE. While the lack of PPE is part of the problem, other circumstances determine who is at fault and whether the case is one of negligence, and on whose part.

Construction job site violations happen most frequently when the construction company fails to provide PPE for all employees on the job site. If employees lack the proper equipment, they are not at fault for failing to have it on-site. While they may be committing a violation by working without PPE, the employer is at fault because they have failed to provide it for their workers.

On the other hand, if the proper protective equipment is available, and an employee fails to use it despite visible signage and documentation telling them to do so, they are at fault.

When a construction site violation occurs, several types of violations may apply, including:

  • Willful: Knowingly disregarding OSHA regulations
  • Serious: Carries a high risk of severe injury or death
  • Other-than-serious: Relates to safety and health regulations, but probably won’t cause severe injury or death
  • Repeat: A violation that recurs consistently on a construction job site
  • Failure to Abate: Violations remain uncorrected for a specified period

Any of these construction violations can carry fines up to tens of thousands of dollars. They can encompass violations ranging from electrical hazards to a failure to brace excavation trenches, all of which put the offending company at risk of a lawsuit.

When Do You Need an New York City Construction Job Site Violation Lawyer?

All New York City construction companies must follow OSHA regulations, and a failure to do so may leave them vulnerable to a lawsuit. If you believe your New York construction site has committed a violation, you may need an New York City construction job site violation lawyer.

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