What Makes Slip and Fall Accidents Worse for New York City Seniors?

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What Makes Slip and Fall Accidents Worse for New York City Seniors?


If you’re a younger adult involved in a slip and fall accident, the consequences may be severe, but they’re always worse for seniors.

A senior involved in a slip and fall accident could see the loss of their independence. For 34,000 senior adults each year, slip and fall accidents result in death. 

Loss of Bone Strength

Younger people have healthier bones that heal faster. Older adults may have osteoporosis, which makes even minor falls dangerous. Their bones are already thin and weak and are unlikely to recover correctly after a fall.

The lasting effects of a fracture could mean a loss of mobility and independence for an older adult, which persists for the rest of their lives. 

Blood Thinners

Anyone who falls can suffer a traumatic head injury, but head injuries are far more severe for elderly adults. Many are on blood thinners.

Blood thinners can increase the risk of delayed hemorrhage. Hemorrhage can lead to additional complications, such as blood clots. A blood clot can cause a stroke or even lead to the death of an elderly patient. 

Difficulty Recovering Compensation

It may be hard to hear, but insurance companies will fight harder when an elderly patient is involved in a slip-and-fall accident. Since a senior is more likely to need expensive long-term care and home modifications after a fall, insurance companies are even less willing to pay the claim than they usually are. 

They’ll try to shift the blame from the property owner’s negligence to the older person. 

They’ll try to find evidence that the victim already suffered from lower body weakness that could have caused the fall independent of hazards on the premises. Or they’ll point to medications the victim may be taking, such as sedatives or antidepressants.

You will need an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer early in your case to get help after a slip-and-fall accident, especially if you suspect you may have medical complications which could impact your claim. 

Get Help Today

Seniors are more likely to experience a slip-and-fall accident thanks to decreased strength and flexibility. 

If you’re one of the many New York City seniors who experience slips and falls due to cracked sidewalks, uncleared ice, uneven manhole covers, poor stair maintenance, or poor cleaning protocols at one of New York’s retail stores or restaurants, contact RLF today. 

We can help you fight the insurance companies so that you receive the compensation you’ll need to adjust to life after the accident. 

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