What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in NYC?

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New York City is glamorous, fast-paced, and full of opportunity. Sometimes, it can also be a dangerous place to live. 

Ever wonder what types of personal injury cases occur most frequently in this city? 

Here are the types of lawsuits that keep lawyers like me busy in the Big Apple.  

Slip and Fall Cases (Roughly 29%)

Slippery sidewalks, poorly maintained staircases, and other hazards lead to slip-and-fall accidents all over the city. 

These accidents can cause significant injuries and lifelong complications, especially for older residents.

These cases can be complicated by the fact that the city itself is usually the defendant. Suing the city demands New Yorkers move fast to secure legal representation, lest they lose the right to make a claim. 

Falling Object Cases (Roughly 14%) 

New York builds up, not out. We live on top of each other 24/7. 

So it’s no surprise that sometimes objects fall off scaffolding, fly out of windows, or fall while being hauled up the sides of buildings. 

Usually, falling objects are the result of unsafe company practices. Thus, you need to prepare for a long fight with corporate interests. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who understands how to tackle these corporations is a must. 

Car Accidents (Roughly 12%)

This category covers any motor vehicle accident, including car, truck, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. We can also group bus accidents into this list. 

New York is a no-fault state, so you may only sue for a car accident if your injuries meet the serious injury threshold. No-fault policies will cover up to $50,000 in damages without a lawsuit. 

Construction Accident Cases 

Construction accounts for 25% of workplace deaths in the city and numerous injuries. Both employees and bystanders get caught up in construction dangers in a city where scaffolding tends to stay up for years. 

Even workers may seek personal injury compensation for their injuries and workers compensation injuries. You would typically sue a third party. 

Dog Bite Cases 

The New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recorded 6,000 reported dog bites in 2019. Most of these cases involved dogs known to the victim.

While nobody wants to hurt a friend or dog, you are usually better off pressing a claim. In most cases, the friend’s homeowner or renter’s policy will pay for the dog bite, and the dog won’t necessarily come to any harm. 

Injured in NYC? 

No matter how you’ve been injured, you have the right to seek compensation. 

RLF is ready to help. Contact us to discuss your case today.

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