What to Do if You are Injured in an NYC Elevator

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While elevator injuries are not common, they still happen. Here in New York City, most people use elevators on a regular basis. That’s why the law requires all property owners to inspect elevators twice annually and maintain an active maintenance contract with approved elevator agencies. Property owners are also required to keep detailed maintenance logs on all elevators. 

Injuries can happen when the elevator drops abruptly after opening its exit doors. Sometimes they lurch when a person steps inside. People have been pinned between elevator doors. Elevator speed malfunctions have thrown passengers to the ground or slammed them into walls. Some people have fallen down open elevator shafts.   

Even the failure of an elevator to stop in a way that levels it with the floor can cause injuries. This is a common cause of New York City slip and fall accidents. 

It goes without saying that these injuries can be quite serious. 

Common Elevator Injuries

In an elevator injury you might see:

  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns and electrical injuries 

Steps to Take

The steps to take in an NYC elevator accident are similar to steps taken in other accidents. If possible, you’ll want to gather evidence on the scene. This means taking photographs of the accident and your injury, as well as gathering witness statements. If possible, you’ll want to put in a report to the owner of the building, or even call the police to make a police report. 

Keep all medical records and bills and keep a journal of how the injury impacts your daily life. You should also keep communications with your employer, including paystubs.

Involving a highly qualified personal injury attorney as quickly as possible will be the key to getting compensation from the building owner or elevator manufacturer. There are defenses they can use to try to avoid paying, and their insurance company will try to do everything in its power to devalue your case, including trying to lead you astray by prompting you to make statements, sign documents, or release documents that can harm you. 

Here at RLF, we’re committed to helping you obtain full compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been hurt because someone else was negligent, contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation.

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