When Do You Need a NYC Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Some cases don’t require personal injury lawyers. Some are relatively routine.

Yet when you need one, you really need one and should obtain one as quickly as possible. 

Here are some circumstances where you’ll need to hire a lawyer fast. 

When Car Accident Injuries Exceed $50,000

If you’ve been in any vehicle accident and the damage exceeds $50,000, it’s time to bring in a personal injury lawyer.

Before meeting the $50,000 threshold, New York’s no-fault laws take effect, and your own insurance policy pays the expenses.

As an Uninsured Pedestrian or Cyclist

If you don’t own a car and were involved in an accident with one, then you will need an attorney to file a claim. You may need to file a claim with the New York Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation

You’ll also need to move fast, as MVAIC claims require you to meet strict deadlines.

When the Negligent Party is the Government

Suing the city or state means you have to file a Notice of Claim within 30 days. Failure to take that basic step will make it impossible to get compensation later. 

Also, winning a suit against a city or state entity is difficult. You’ll want legal representation from the get-go. 

When the Claim Involves Slip and Fall, Crime, Construction, Faulty Products, or Malpractice

You’ll need a personal injury lawyer to file all these claims. Without a lawyer, you’re unlikely to have a good idea of where to start or have contact information for the appropriate insurance companies.

These cases often involve going after major corporations with deep pockets and teams of lawyers devoted to trying to pay you as little as possible. You’ll want your own representation early if you’re going to have a hope of getting paid what your case is worth.

You should do this even if you think the injury might be minor. Medical bills aren’t cheap. Even a simple broken arm can cost $800 and keep you from doing your job for weeks. Compensation can ensure your broken arm doesn’t become a major financial disaster. 

Any Time You’re Not Sure

You don’t have to do guesswork. Contacting a firm like RLF is entirely risk-free. Free consultations are the norm, and we’re happy to tell you if you have a case that needs an attorney or can simply file some paperwork and get paid.

As you can see, most personal injury cases require lawyers. Give us the chance to become yours.

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